Gas Turbine Exhaust Silencers & Baffles

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Silencer Installation

We realize the critical importance of having experienced engineers who understand the key acoustic design principles related to gas turbine exhaust system silencers. Combustion turbine exhaust unsilenced sound levels are among the highest ranked noise sources for any power plant or compressor station. We therefore must ensure each application is sized correctly to meet the required individual noise guarantees, while also optimizing the solution to ensure a low pressure drop and competitive cost. SPL Control’s experienced in-house engineering team provides this high-level of service to our clients around the world.

The thermal cycling experienced in gas turbine exhaust silencing applications requires a considerable amount of real-world experience to assess robust baffle and critical support structure designs and material selection. The constant evolution of gas turbine engines, with associated increases in firing temperatures, requires detailed design review processes to ensure exhaust silencer design life expectations are met.

Whether the application is for combined cycle HRSG exhaust stack baffles, replacement exhaust system baffles, or silencers that are part of a complete simple cycle or bypass stack solution, SPL Control has the know-how to deliver an optimized solution which will meet the dBA, dBC or octave band guarantees required by increasingly strict regulatory requirements.

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