Gas Turbine Enclosure Systems

Critical in ensuring the safety and the acoustic performance of a gas turbine

The gas turbine enclosure system is critical to ensure the safety and the acoustic performance of a gas turbine.

SPL Control offers over 45 years of experience in the design and supply of Gas Turbine enclosure systems. In addition to having OEM supply experience, our team has also been involved with many retrofit applications, particularly for the demanding space and material selection requirements required in offshore applications.

We offer both on-skid, off-skid enclosures and can provide the enclosure in a one-piece drop over design or in a panelized system. The enclosure material, wall thickness and internal insulation selection is based on decades of experience in meeting some of the most strict noise limits in the industry. Personnel access doors, as well as equipment doors and removable panels are designed for ease of use.

The enclosure scope can include internal trollies or cranes for use in the maintenance and removal of the gas turbine and ancillary components. We can also provide electrical items, including lighting, receptacles, and junction boxes. On some gas turbines, the turbine inlet plenum may also be part of the enclosure system supply.

Our enclosures are designed to ensure the OEM manufacturer’s recommended internal temperature is not exceeded. The ventilation system can include filter houses, fans, expansion joints, intake and exhaust silencers, fire dampers and back-draft dampers. Optimized ventilation duct layout assessment can also be provided by SPL Control to ensure that there are no local air circulation dead zones within the enclosure.

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